Keep It Together

Score: +2

So it was a rough start to the week. I ended up bringing work home with me for the day. I’m glad my job has that flexibility. 

On the relationship front Amanda got rid of prostitute roommate and is now down to selling stuff to try and pay February’s rent. She is back on ECT until her TMS gets approved. I think she’s doing better, and probably could go back to work if they’d let her. She and I are getting along fine. We’ve had a few arguments but we always work it out. We just celebrated our two year anniversary yesterday. It’s amazing to think about all we’ve been through over that time, and how we’ve changed. Both striving for improvement, both struggling. We have always just kept on being there for each other. 

I’m glad her situation is a little more stable, now that prostofriend is gone. House is still a toxic waste dump. I will be sad when she is out of there because she will be homeless, but also glad for sanitary reasons. I’m devastated that she will be losing her cats, her stuff, just about everything nonessential. And I regret that it came to this, but I look back on it and I don’t see where we could have done something differently. But she couldn’t work. There’s no getting around that. If you can’t work, you can’t live somewhere that costs money. Eventually the static revenue source will run out, and here we are, Craigslisting possessions in a flurry to make one more month. 

But our relationship is still strong. We talk every day to some length. I’m always asking her things. Checking in. So we are good communicators. 

I’ve been feeling very blah today. I just need an early bedtime to set things right.