The Promise

I am going to get headed in the right direction not January 30th like when the project states, but right fucking now. I will not go on living an undisciplined life which has no doubt contributed to my low energy and dissatisfaction. I deserve to feel better than I do, so I will work to improve my situation until things equalize. 

I had a low food intake today AND did a mile on the elliptical. I’m like -300 calories for today. I’m off to a good start. I need to continue that trend, and hold on to the promise of improved energy. I know if I had a more balanced diet I would feel better, it’s pretty much a given. Exercise will help me incrementally each time I do it. Over time, it makes a big difference. This is something I believe I can stick to, as the outcome is vital to my future. I want to be strong and healthy again. 

I am resolved to make a change. I have also given up on the scoring system. It served a purpose while I was not doing so great, but lately I’d doesn’t really serve a purpose anymore. I don’t evaluate the data I collect anymore, so why bother? I’m headed up. Everything thus far has just been some measurement of up. There has been no consistent down, mostly up. So I have the pattern on my side.