A Development

I engaged Amanda because I had some things of hers and she of mine, and we needed to trade. That uncorked the texting bottle and we were rehashing everything. That got fairly involved, but the outcome was reestablished communications to some degree. We also agreed to be friends, which I think is an encouraging step. It’s better than zero communications with someone I loved right from the start. I think we can still have good conversations about things, so there’s no reason to throw THAT away. I can still disagree about her choices but in a less attached way. This will help keep me less involved in her life, while she takes the time to figure it out. I wasn’t helping anyway, so this really is for the best. 

Blog, I feel a great sense of relief today knowing that I have not lost her for good. We are taking a step apart, but not too far. I’m really happy this happened. 

I’ve got one more day to get through, and then free. I’m so burnt.