Aaaaaaand I was right about feeling like things were going in the right direction. Woke up this morning feeling fresh, got to work by 5:00, and stayed until the very last minute. I had the nagging voice in my head telling me to work from home and leave early, blah bla bla. Today though, I paid that voice little mind and went on about my business. I had a solid shift, and tomorrow I send out a report that is going to make some ripples in the water. When upper management sees it, action may be necessary. Who knows, because the report itself is not to blame. The report only reports the facts. The facts are to blame! 

So anyway… I’m talking with Amanda still. I haven’t just stopped loving her. And now we’re friends. And maybe that’s the best place for us. She said herself that she wanted to get her life figured out on her own. I’m certainly willing to give her the space to do that. And we may well end up staying friends for good with no return to a relationship. Her life is headed in such a positive direction. Her time with Kasey is a blip compared to the great things she is doing. Her art is starting to become a career, just as steady disability income is on the way. She could land somewhere on her own, in her own private art studio, living off sales from her work and disability. That’s the kind of life I would have hoped for her, one where she is pursuing her creativity and her dreams, while being financially secure. So Amanda is on the verge of a big rise. 

Me though, I’m still exploring my options. I have my feelers out there. I’m going to try Match for 6 months. If nothing, then I’ll abandon the effort and go with Meetup groups. Once I get in better shape, I could go hiking. There are plenty of meetups that may fit. 

Blog, things are headed up for Amanda and I. My steps are more inconsequential, but have helped boost my energy. Hers are epic. I just hope things fall together soon. She needs a place to be on her own and individuate. 

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