I’m going to run the risk that my ex isn’t keeping tabs on me, as something new and exciting has happened. I met someone. From Match, and we have been talking pretty extensively for a couple days. Our conversations have become more interesting as they go deeper. We are sharing, learning and caring mutually about each other in a way I never thought possible. At least, in a way I was not used to. She compared me to a celebrity in appearance. Me? This girl sees something in me, and she is interested. This is the type of bond I’d like to cultivate. Mutual respect, genuine attraction, intellectual discourse. It’s all good right now blog. Albeit, I still have a great deal to learn, but there is also time. We live 73 miles apart, which is not the sort of trip I can do in my truck. Gas and engine troubles would halt that. So we have factors that inhibit us getting too close right away. Things are bound to change give time and need. 

But things are exciting right now. I found someone like me! She’s had trauma in her past, but thinks more about what could be rather than what has been. We are embarking on a journey of friendship together, and who knows where it will lead. Signs are hopeful. Im happy right now blog, something new has begun!