Holy Crap!

Blog, things have been downright euphoric the last week. I’m engaging with someone who captivates me, and she is just as interested in my life and story. I can’t tell you in words how invigorating and sensational this whole thing has been. It goes beyond me.

Though, we are being smart about things and pacing ourselves. More she is being smart and I am overflowing with enthusiasm to have here here in my life. But I concur with the philosophy, and I support things that will help bind me to her in a permanent way. Trust and practice are key. 

I am leaning about her; every day truckloads more information come in. We are so alike it’s shocking. And yet we are different in some key, beneficial ways. We compliment each other with our areas of expertise. We are unique, yet share many of the same experiences. We both have our traumas, and have made mistakes. But she’s a beautiful human being, alive, vital and voluptuous. I’m so privileged to have the chance to interact with her. It has been an unbelievable blessing on my life. After all the hardship and disappointment, I have rapidly achieved a fresh start. I didn’t think it would happen so soon, but I am glad that it did. 

Discovery phase initiated. My spare time will be spent listening to an amazing person lay herself bare for me. And I to do the same for her. Discovery. Friendship. Growth. Things are looking good right now. Carly, I adore you, and am endlessly glad that you have come into my life.