Monday’s are always hard for me blog. I struggle to get there, and when I am there, it’s grog city. Even after coffee now it seems, I still have a hard time waking up. So this morning was no different. 

But I got myself there. I spent my day busy at work while also texting Carly on the side. Talking to her has been very fun and positive. We are headed in an encouraging direction, despite her hesitancy. I know that good things will happen for her if she hangs around me. I really wish I could help her let go of her past, but maybe the more she sees how out-of-control fantastic I am, the memories of him might start to fade. 

More than anything though blog, I want to meet her. I want to hold her in my arms and breathe her in. That moment of tactile realization. I feel like she knows as well as I that we would be good together. Physically and mentally. We are two very similarly aligned people, and she’s already shown she’s observant. I think that we could build a really healthy relationship when the time came. I would think of it as an opportunity to grow and change with someone unique yet familiar. 

All told things are going great. Now here’s to hoping my pattern stays true. 

4 thoughts on “Commencement

  1. Super exciting to be talking to a new person! It’s great you voice what you want to help someone with versus what you can do. You know it’s not your place to get her to get over the last guy, but support her through the process. Right on man!
    Here’s to more positivity your way my friend ✌

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