I feel there is a lesson to be learned at every juncture, whether the situation is good or bad. From some of the most crushing defeats come moments of true humility and acceptance. Part of my introspective journey has been to map out myself and see where I am vulnerable. I know my emotions can lead to both highs and lows, so I’m careful to monitor. The score was helping me do that, but my mood hardly swings anymore. Things have become stable. So now I must look inward and see. Am I ready to be utterly defeated right now? How would I handle it? What lesson would there be to be gained? Am I not still a proud man who earns his way in the world? I am. I intend to go on being as such. So there is always a next step. A positive push forward. I truly think I have a lot to offer. My personality is one of a kind. I know these things about myself. They are who I am. And no matter what boon or calamity befalls me, I’m still going to step forward as myself and brave whatever the future has for me. In that future lies a truth; one that can shape the next action to avoid disaster. If I am observant and true to who I am, nothing can bring me down.