Today I’m working my ass off blog, despite my totally fucked up sleep schedule. I will top 12,000 steps by the time I’m ready for bed, and Fitbit says I walked 6.39 miles (but I don’t believe it). I think it was measuring my stride farther than it actually is. But either way, the steps count.

So I am loving this tracking my health thing. This is really how you stay on top of your shit. I know how much food goes in, how much energy I burn, What activities I do, and there are plentiful goals to accomplish. Today was a bit of an insane day since I’m going to have been awake for 18 hours by the time the night is through. I just need to find ways to keep myself awake so that I don’t completely fuck my sleep schedule.

Today I feel empowered. I’m talking to a great girl, my energy level is already starting to pick up, and my mood is going right along with it. There’s too much good shit in the future to go back into the past. My life goes on, and into brighter days. I have always liked Carly, that’s no secret. I’m continuing to like her more.

So this was a good start. Instead of sitting in my truck on break I’m walking 2,500 steps. Instead of sitting on the couch all night I’m doing muscle building exercises and lifting my medicine ball. I know I used to be fully in charge of my show, and frankly, I haven’t been in a very long time. I have always let the physical part go, as I undervalued it’s importance in the mental health picture. If my body is healthy and active, I’m giving my brain the best conditions in which to operate. An ideal environment, working properly and well balanced. That is my goal blog, to get fit, and arrive at a place where I can both observe and deal with my mental health as well as my continue to improve my physical fitness. If I’m ever going to be in a relationship again, I have to do so as a fully assembled person. I need to be in charge of who I am.This is where I make my stand.

Well I think I’m not going to push myself any further tonight. Tomorrow I’ll do my four laps and sprinkle in some planking. Once I’ve had a good night’s rest.