The Revenge Of The Insomniac

Well it’s 2:15 am blog and here I am wide awake suffering the fate of my own follies. I was the one who decided to double my exercise yesterday, and I was the one who ran out of ways to distract myself so that I would stay awake. Now look at me: up since 12:45 and spent in attempts to go back to bed.

Fitbit told me i got 5 hours and 43 minutes of sleep, which is pretty good in my book. Not ideal, but not crap. It was my fault for going to bed when I did.

I was hoping to chat with Carly but she disappeared around 6 or so and by the time she reappeared at 8:45 I was long gone. Her phone didn’t alert her to my messages, so we missed each other. There’s still a whole day ahead of me full of talking with Carly that I have to look forward to nonetheless. I must say blog, I am truly enjoying this rekindled fire that I have with her. I’m feeling significantly more emotionally bonded to Carly than I was to Kendra. We have had a substantial sum of conversation above and beyond my brief interlude with Kendra. I feel like I know Carly better, in fact, I know her well enough to get her past confused with Kendra’s past since Kendra really didn’t give me all that much to ponder. My head was full of Carly, needless to say.

Well I’m blogging at 2 in the morning. Sigh. I wish I had planned things better so that this sort of moment would not happen on a weekday. A lesson was learned here this Tuesday.