Keep A Good Thing Going

The real test for me is endurance. Can I keep pushing myself hard every day, and maintain that momentum into the future? So far the experiment is going quite well. The pattern integrity is looking good. But there’s a long uphill climb ahead and I’m not looking too far down the road just yet. Since Fitbit arrived in my life I have elevated my exercise on a daily basis quite significantly, and today was no different. I slogged 2 miles around the business complex and did a muscle building workout at home for good measure. I hit 10,000 steps today, as well as all of my other daily achievements. I feel good blog, and I mean this as a perfectly rational observation. My mood has actually improved since starting daily exercise. I feel more proactive, positive and self-confident as each day passes. I’m looking to end Friday afternoon on a high note, rather than with my tank on empty.

This change has also helped me be more mentally disciplined. I have some weed on hand, and typically I would smoke two to three bowls before cutoff time around 4. But this is not good, and excessive, and defeats the purpose of even having it since it reduces it’s effectiveness significantly the more frequently you use it. I’m down to one time per day, just to relax in my jams after work, and not again until the same time the next day. If I can hold true to that, it will be the first time ever.

So I’ve set the bar fairly high, but fuck blog, it’s about time I challenged myself. I said I was going to get down to 190 and I fucking meant it. I said I would take control of my independent self and I have every intention of doing just that. I need the positive reinforcement the data brings. Real, measurable change happening a little at a time, every day. I take one tiny step forward and then another. That’s how you stay stable, make progress, and take control of your reality.

I have MANY more steps to walk, but I am fully determined to get to my ultimate goal and then work my ass off even harder to stay there. The days of lethargy and complacency are over. Law is coming, and justice will be swift.