Time To Check-In

I am creating a new one of these because the one I used in the past is a piece of crap. This is an evaluative tool to help me better understand the health of all the various aspects of my bipolar mind. I am creating it to help demonstrate where I still need to improve and bring to light any glaring weaknesses in my current approach based on a simple analysis of the conditions of my conscious state. WARNING: this evaluative tool is custom tailored for ME and my Bipolar type II symptoms with the questions it asks, it may not be useful unless fucked with a bit.


Rate each question 1, for strongly disagree, to 10, strongly agree. 5 for neutral


Anxious thoughts under control? 6

Depressed thoughts popping up often? 1

Any self-harming thoughts? 1

Is is difficult to concentrate? 4

Do you have volatile emotional responses to things? 2

Are you talking before you are thinking? 2

Have you been blogging with regularity? 9

Have you practiced meditation for 10 minutes a day? 1

Did you motivate yourself to do something that needed to be done? 10

Have you been feeling aggressive, irrational, risky and obsessed? 1

Have you been feeling lethargic, disinterested, uninspired and lost? 2

Have you been genuinely happy in the past few days? 9

Have you been so sad you cried lately? 10

Would you consider yourself stable? 10


Are you capable of sustained activity of 30 minutes or more? 2

Have you met The Determined Penguin Project weight goal? 1

Have you been meeting your goals with Fitbit consistently? 10

Have you lost weight this week? 5

Has your energy been stable and at a good level the past few days? 9

Have you been sleeping 8 hours a night? 3

Are you eating food that will improve your physical health? 2

Are you increasing your activity level next week? 10