Record Day

First off, most steps in a day since I started tracking it. Plus I got invited to a Workeeek Hustle with my cousins. I’m dominating with that step count. As of right now, in the lead by 8,500, and I’m only getting stronger. 

I had a huge day. I walked 8+ miles. That’s a lot of moving. I’m suddenly quite empowered, I’m finding. But I need to eat better, and quickly. I’m undoing all my hard work. 

So I had to share that screen cap. Goals met and well exceeded. Distance was five miles, calories 3000, floors 12, active minutes 60 and steps 10,000. Crushing it. That’s what I like. I’m getting back to a stronger, better me. Self improvement is an ever ongoing process. I have work to do before I’m ready to go anywhere with anyone. I am just beginning, and I am rising to the challenge. 

Meanwhile, my mental health continues to improve. The more activity I get the better I feel. Things are improving for me blog. I hope the pieces are coming together. Slowly but surely. 

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