This week got off to an awesome start and continues to look promising as it draws on. Carly drove down to have dinner with me Monday night and that went really well. She had a bit of trouble with traffic, which I should have expected given it was rush hour by the time she got down here. Nevertheless, we spent the evening laughing and eating, and it ended with a passionate kiss under the stars. A night I will not foregt. 

So I turned that 17,000+ steps from the other day into 20,000 and put myself far ahead in the competition on Fitbit. I have a 6,500 step lead without having taken more than 200 steps today so far. I’m going to crush this challenge. My average if 13,000 a day is just stellar and should carry me. 

Work has been fine. I’m not as engaged as I have been in the past, but that’s okay. I don’t need to be captivated by my job, I just need to do it. I really would like to have a coworker in my department or someone to directly supervise. However, there is no current employee who I would want to have working for me (or even with me). No one else has shown any sort of interest in my department. Maybe that’s why I’m losing interest too. Nothing ever changes. No one listens to what I say. I spend my days being thought poorly if or ignored outright. It’s not rewarding. 

Well blog I’m going to be headed in soon. Hope your day goes swimmingly.