Right now the only major mental health issue I am working to correct is my sleep. I was up again today at 1:30 am which is, for lack of a more appropriate word, fucked. I hate waiting to go to work, and here I am with four hours to kill before I can start driving. I need to get this fixed and fast. 

However, there is some debate about the steps I need to take to correct this issue. I believe the problem is both mental and physical. Mentally I’m tired of doing my job and it is wholly unrewarding. I get no encouragement or appreciation. That weighs on me. Plus I have also been stressing my body in new ways, which is bound to have some side effects. 

Honestly I just need another chance to stay up and see if I can reset my pattern. If I push my bed time until after 9 pm, I should wake up on time the next day. The question then becomes: how do I stay up until 9 running on 4 hours of sleep? I don’t believe I can do that but I will try today. 

I think things are going alright. I wish my physical self was a bit more under control, but we are getting there. I should have a relationship post coming up this weekend.