I feel on remarkably good footing lately, in terms of my mental functionality. There are all the ingredients to instability here, but I am not indulging a collapse. In fact, I am utilizing this opportunity to get stronger. 

There is a lot of raw fuel for trouble laying around: are my parents moving away in the winter? Will my arrangement with Carly become more permanent? Do I like the way I am leading my life right now? It’s up to me to balance these questions and not tip the scales with anxiety or projections. I am a responsible adult and fully capable of making rational assessments and choosing what I get worked up about. 

This brings me to my confidence level. Right now, I feel great about the person I am. I am genuinely proud of what I have been able to accomplish given my circumstance. I’m not going to let one undecided question tear all of that down. I am in control. Even if things in my life remain undecided, the anxiety will not shred me. Life is full of unanswered questions. 

So I plow forward in the world knowing who I am and finding ways to succeed. I am confident I will persevere despite ambiguity. This is the test for me; maintain my form despite forces trying to tear it apart. 

I’m having a Good Friday blog. Going to see my parents tonight and we are set to have a fantastic time, as we always do. A nice, long and restful two days off up ahead has me in a great mood. Just got to slog through today and then cut loose to freedom. 

I hope you have a Friday depleted of stress and replete with happiness and smiles. Optimism rules.