I’m depressed blog, and have been for the past few days. I’ve missed work since Thursday and have little to no energy or desire for anything. Even the fun things aren’t fun anymore. I feel distant and removed from the care of others. I’m tired all the time in my head and body. Generally, my reality has slowed to a crawl, and the anguish of each passing moment continues. 

I don’t want to leave my bed or talk to anyone. I just need to hide here for a while and recuperate. I have 3 days to rebound before I have to go back to work. My life is missing a lot of pieces right now, or at least, that’s what it feels like. I do not feel complete. 

There’s not much to say really. I’m here in this state and it’s up to me as to how I get back out of it. I don’t know that anyone would be able to help me, so I can only depend on myself. That’s the way it is going to be. 

I want to be loved, soothed and reassured. I want someone to rub my back and give me a hug. Instead, I will need to find a way to soothe myself. Even the remedy for my depression is depressing. 

7 thoughts on “Symptomatic 

  1. I so feel this post, I have been feeling this exact same way all week! I’m leaving work early just because I don’t have to the energy for life right now! Wishing you well!

    • Thanks, I’m sorry you are in a similar place. I am not sure what I’m going to do to get out of it. I even had a fun social night last night and I feel rock-bottom bad today. I don’t get it. Time will heal me more effectively than any mental intervention. We just have to rest, relax and take care of ourselves.

      • I mean I have those fun days, then the next it feels like life is crashing down around me. I know that I’m so seriously tired of being tired!

      • Yep, I hear that. I’m going to look for more ways to boost my energy with continued diet and exercise, but that only goes so far. I just need to be out of this slump so I can get back to having a regular energy level again.

      • I feel ya, it takes so much out of me just to drive, comb my hair, hell even shower! I promise I don’t wish how I feel on anyone!

      • Exactly. We just need time and patience with these feelings, and things will get better. I hope you improve through the rest of the day.

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