Well I’ve had a few days off to collect myself and I think I have. I needed a break from the routine which is precisely what I got over this short respite. I was able to have time to myself, and opportunities to tend to my responsibilities. This has replenished the confidence well a bit, and given me some positive thoughts about the upcoming week. I’m encouraged by the way I feel at the close of things. I’m ready to sleep soundly and get up early for work. 

I’ve been chatting with Carly and I am enjoying the interaction very much. My relaxed approach is allowing me to partake of the nuances of how we talk to each other. The things that make her laugh, the things she is willing to tell me. I feel more closely connected to her than ever before, but there is still a long way to go. 
I need to have a more positive attitude about work. Even though the environment is toxic and the people don’t interface well with me, it’s my job and I need to do it. I’m not down for the count and I’m coming back strong. I will get back in there and get after it. It’s my life and I need to take charge of it. 
Stern words before the cold brutality of Monday morning.