I feel rather confident of late blog, and this feeling is more than welcome to stick around for a while. Things in the past few weeks have seemed unstable and cloudy, but those symptoms have been alleviated. I use the analogy of needing to have a bomb go off in my life so that it gets shattered into pieces… because only then can the true rebuilding begin. A shock is what it takes to force a new perspective, and cast light on things in a different way. As was the case with me when I went to the hospital: I often did really well for a short time thereafter, until I was back in the toxic home environment which undid all that hard work. I need to let explosive events happen in my life because how I reassemble is of paramount concern to my success as an individual going forward.

I feel strong enough to hold the weight of my own life above my head firmly, especially now knowing more about how I want to live it than I have before. Trauma can be a good thing blog, believe it or not. There is always something to be gained regardless of how bleak the situation.

My weekend has been about self care and fun, I hope yours has been equally rewarding.