Alone For Good

It is my intention to not get into another relationship again, for multiple reasons: Primarily, I’m bipolar, and living with me is a verry difficult thing to do. My emotions can be erruptive, my moods swing rapidly and I’m not always stable. Also, I have herpes, and sexual contact with most people is now out of the question. I’m not going to infect anyone else, period. Finally, my personality is isolatory and I don’t function well in the demands of a relationship. 

I’m going to walk forward in this world for myself, and by myself. I live alone, I work in relative isolation, I have no need of the things that your typical person might. I will simply worry about myself and my ongoing, improving mental health. 

I’m making the best of my circumstance. I still feel lonely and sad, but this is expected. I am well aware that I’m going to feel withdrawal from companionship, because I have always tried so hard to have it. I attempted and failed to keep it on every occasion thus far, so I’m not going to put any effort into trying anymore. I can find the strength within myself to lead a functional and happy life. 

Another resolution on a day replete with them. I need things like this to make sense of the insanity in my head. This is all in an attempt to do what is best for my ongoing mental health. I’m not angry or bitter, I just think this is the best way for me to stay healthy. Have a good night blog.