Geared and Remembering

Hey there Blog. Things have been fine in my sector. I’m getting the final things in order before the big move north. I still need to do my volunteer hours and I am working on several leads.

I find myself thinking back on the last five years with Jax and Amanda fondly, and with a desire to touch something that has long gone cold. There is no exercise here that results in success I deem. In reality, it’s just a reminder of something that never became what I’d hoped it would be. A final sense of diss appointment that resolved rather than destroys. For me, the absolution has been helpful, but I doo feel that ache. I remember. There’s no need to dwell, but I know in my mind that time is gone. My heart is undecided.

Tonight is game and things are going great. My story is unfolding very nicely and I do believe I have all possible contingencies planned and mapped. I want my players to be emerald in the experience and my attention to detail provides that I hope. I have not been writing, but there is plenty of future for that

Goodbye for now.