Better day today. The real person who’s approval I need is my own. I’m not bound to shame my whole life because of my past. I’m destined to improve since I care so much about feeling like I’m not a scab. I know in my heart I’m always hoping to go forward and make new decisions with positive outcomes far into my future. May better days ahead send ripples of benefit to all those who share this life with me.

2 thoughts on “Reboot

  1. Listen babe, i’m so freaking proud of you for this post. you’re not bound to shame at all. Things dont work out, bad decisions are made, you just learn from it all. Way to go with this better future and self talk. I love it, you’ve got this!

    • Thanks Whiskey, that’s a very thoughtful and uplifting thing to say. I used my support system yesterday and I’m proud that I rebounded from a crisis. Words like yours help me take new steps with affirmations in my ears and success in my heart. Thank you.

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