My nonprofit is hosting an event at a comedy club tonight and I was invited to go. I’m getting all spiffed up and shinycated. Everything is looking good for this opportunity to sell my story and influence new people. I have been out of practice in the department of selling my show, but now is the perfect time to shmooze and do just that. I have been given no details on the specifics of the evening but I’m going to be prepared for whatever happens.

Today has been somewhat reflective, and also good in my setting of a new and beneficial trend. I intend to walk every day, and start logging my 10,000 steps a day. I was just telling Moo this morning that the scenery has significantly improved from the last place we had to go walking in. Instead of empty milk carton, sleeping homeless guy and pile of decomposing sludge to trees, squirrels and tweety birds. Stark contrast, I’d say… and one so stark even that it inspires a significant increase in physical activity. I went from less than 5,000 steps a day to now close to 10,000 a day. The good thing about walking is that endurance builds up quickly. and distance becomes less of an issue. Round trip to the fishing spot is .30 under 2 miles so it’s a bit of a walk (and there is 40 feet of elevation change).

The fishing spot though is pretty much the best possible spot for a shore angler. deep drop off, no shrubs  or trees nearby, open water at a junction point forming a trough. Boom. I though that, in my mind, this would be the place a big lunker would hang out… but finding out what these very particular bass will hit on is still a mystery. I have tried something new every day, and had a few helpful tips from a local. It’s an interesting challenge, but one I am confident persistence will overcome.

I really do like my new life and my direction that I am headed. I wish I had someone to share this enthusiasm with. Someone who adored me for the work I’m driven to do and the person I am. I realize now that this desire will be forever suspended in the land of want, and not the land of the real. It is something I struggle with, since I greatly desire to be loved. Intimately, closely, and truly. However, I am also really unappealing, like a mostly decayed onion. There might be something of use deep down inside it, but most of that shit is just fucking rotten, and it needs to be cut off and thrown away.