4 hours of manual labor later, and the NAMI Walk is starting to come together. We erected 25 or so of those big fucking tent things, and dozens of tables where people will be handing out information on MH and other related topics. However, blog, I am a tired poop. My poor, frail, seriously atrophied nerd body was stressed to the max with all the lifting, pushing and bending. BUT WHAT A GREAT FEELING! I did some shit, I helped out for a good cause, and at the end of the first day, I feel both dilapidated and refreshed. You’re going… huh? How can you be both of those things?

Brain feels zippy, sharp and ready. Body feels like an old shit in the bottom of a smelly gym sock. Tonight I intend to do final battle with my Latuda nausea and sleep soundly in bed. Tomorrow, I’m back at it bright and early in the morning! 6:00 am baby! I feel pretty good right now however.

It seems to me that some genuinely good things are happening for me at this interval. Woot. More to come tomorrow!