An Afternoon With ****

I learned a great deal about **** today, as we took time to reflect upon the six years that have passed between us. I spent the afternoon catching up with *****, someone who I have loved deeply in my past. Today I learned what struggles have defined ************* new life and what things are ahead of her in the future. I also expressed a commitment to be a good friend to her and support her in her goals.

For her privacy, I won’t disclose what her life is like or what challenges she faces specifically. It is not my place to summarize or presume to know more than I do. I do positively know that I want to help, and commit my energy in what time I have to lightning ******* load. She carries a great deal right now, and the more assistance she can get the better. I have the spirit of the healer in my heart as I endeavor to help someone who I continue to care for.

We spent the afternoon talking and laughing about this and that. There is a harmony I feel with her; a sort of return echo my energy gets. There is a chemical harmony I feel there that is pretty special. We have the capability to make explosions. My interest going forward remains much the same as it has before now; to continue to help those in need as I can and make something of worth from my shattered existence. I have made so many scars in my past… now seems an abundantly good opportunity to heal at least some of them.

I don’t know what the future hold, but I know my caring heart is true. I see hurt, and a need for help, and I reach out my hand. I pick people up that are falling, and set them on the right path. She wants to be going a certain direction, but I think she will need help getting there. I will use my time and energy to help propel her cause forward, and hopefully, towards a time when she and everyone can all be happy together. Friend, times, fun… all in the realm of possibilities.