Warmline Monday

Good morning blogosphere.

I’m looking forward to making my warmline callbacks today for NAMI Sacramento. I’ll volunteer from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm and return those messages, provide resources and indulge in some peer support if needed. This is just the foot-stuck-in-the-door moment where I am trying to wrangle with relevance. Establishing myself as a good peer advocate and resource, I can then project my ambitions forward (hopefully as responsibility/worth increases). I need to think about that since I only have a limited amount of time in which I can contribute nothing financially.

Though that “nothing” will soon be much more than that if I indeed see the legal settlement come through sometime soon. I’m not in a hurry. I haven’t bought anything but beer in a couple weeks, and maybe a Snickers. DON’T GIVE ME SHIT ABOUT THE DIET… I AM WORKING ON IT. On that note, I have been hugely increasing my exercise daily, as well as trying to eat better. I do have unhealthy habits that need to stop which have negative side-effects. I throw up a lot as it is, so the fewer things I can do to myself that lead to barfing would be best.

I’m getting ready to go fish despite my regrogatated body. The hurts. However, being out in that brisk air, and watching the sun come up is pretty fucking awesome. Have a great morning world!

3 thoughts on “Warmline Monday

  1. Good morning! I love how you’ve written this. I can feel the emotion that you tried to put in this narrative, there is genuine honesty, I like the words that you use, this is simply amazing. I hope you could also follow my blog, maybe you’ll get inspired as well. Keep writing. 😊

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