In Conclusion

Score: +3.5

Hello for the 6th or something time today. Wow was my afternoon great blog! I got to go into the temporary office and schmooze with the NAMI folks. I saw my boss from the NAMI Walk and she has things for me to do in the near future, PLUS there are also more things for me from the ED as well. Either way blog, this was a big step forward in increasing my workload. I’d like to be somewhere around 20 hours a week to start, until my status becomes entrenched. The idea would be to take on enough responsibility to be invaluable, then impress the hell out of them with how I handle that. I think my eagerness and energy to assist have been received with open arms.

I am feeling bostered with confidence, and really excited about some of the new projects they are going to have me working on in the coming days for NAMI. This is my foot well in the door and my my knee is in there now. I’m becoming a part of my mental health community, and I know this is where I belong.

I didn’t catch a fish today, yeah… but I’m definitely going to keep trying, however fruitlessly. I insist on doing things my way, until that utterly fails in all aspects, in which case I might resort to magic, as I have written on earlier today.

I did have a pretty remarkable bounce from that low point last night. I felt good about how I managed to sift through that event and attach meaning after. ********** was also great about giving me a bubble for a while, allowing me to process and have the reset button pushed by sleep. Hopefully my mental illness and symptoms of havent been a deterrent to our friendship… but rather, a great opportunity to test how we handle such things, learn and step forward. I do like walking forward. I like it more when I’m not alone.

Well blog, that’s probably it for me today. I’m back in my jams and about to light one up, Take care!