Schedule Change

Typically I don’t do well with sudden schedule changes, but today I’m proud of myself. My boss called me when I had just pulled up to work to come back in five hours. Instead of getting frustrated by a pattern of inconsistency, I embraced this new test of my strength to handle the unexpected and continue moving forward with positive energy. I drove home and I will be driving back in not too long, and I am perfectly fine with that. What I’m doing, the work itself, is the thing I long for. The opportunity to help move Nami’s goals forward and show them who I am. I have such a fantastic story, with a happy little ending as well! I can’t want to start sharing that saga in the In My Own Voice program, visiting schools and helping spread awareness about mental illness. Also, that life is still possible with it.

Well, I’ve felt prolific today, for sure. I’m going to re-institute my daily Score and have it on one post designated as a “check-in.” I feel like I should be extra careful considering the results of tromping into the past last night. I need to be prepared to deal with a very intense level of potential emotional upheaval, and my score will help maintain an average, alert to trends, and offer keen, involved introspection on a daily basis. This was something I was doing, and had done for years until early last year. I believe this should have been done back before I moved, because then I might have noticed the dip I had fallen into… or been able to correct sooner than I did. Either way, the score is going to help. End of day check-ins are an important tool in keeping track of the Westin brain machine thingy doo-dad.

So I’m going back in not too long, and he (my boss) has things lined up for me down the road as well. I’m doing it! I’m with NAMI Sacramento just like I wanted to be before we all moved. I’m with them and rising in the ranks, also just as I had hoped. Man, when you say you’re going to do something fucking hard, and they you go right out there and do it. Holy shit Blogosphere, that’s a great feeling. HOW ABOUT THAT? YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT. So probably one more at the end of the day going over as a summary and a post about how things went down. Man, I just wish I was working more. I reached out to NAMI Yolo, since they’re like right here.

I’m going to ask a ****** about the ************************** this week. I have a ***** ******** number to call from my resource book. I want to know what the success rate looks like, what is required to succeed, what makes a good argument, essentially, the basics for application. I think that is a good avenue to explore if it is possible and doesn’t fuck up anything else. Either way, this is a way I can contribute some knowledge to the miasma of thoughts on ****** and her situation. Sorry for the redactions, it’s really not appropriate for me to be at all specific, but I nevertheless wanted to demonstrate that I was not a inert information receptacle.


Have a great day Blog, I’ll be back this evening.