Weekend… GO!

Score: +3

Well Blog I did end up getting that warmline call I was hoping for, and got some great resources to the person I was helping. I really did feel spiffafied about that. I get it again Monday and hopeful for a trip to the office at the same time too.

I felt I did a pretty good job going through my feelings and reactions to recent social changes. Some form of reassurance and anticipation of prolonged discussion presents the possibility for progress. Friendships are built on the foundations of good communication, and at least once the proverbial dust settles, I think there will be a clearer discourse ahead.

As a result of the ongoing discussion today, I feel pretty well-disassembled at this point in the evening. I’m hoping not to barf, and that seems to be going well so far. I’m going over to my sister’s place for Mothers day which should be a fun. I’m still holding true to my persistent fishing goals, regardless of repeated failures. Moo and I are also going to locate the nearest Lapidary Club or shop and get back to making cabs and polishing some of our really nice stones from recent trips. There is also talk of getting the tumblers going again in the garage, now that we have a shelf. EXCITING.

I keep hoping to have ************ to talk to, but I’m still in the dark about what is happening. I don’t think I offended her, maybe triggered something. I’m low in the information department. As I have stated before, I’m a communicator by nature now, and a lot of good work gets done when people start talking/sharing. I have been given hope that there may be some of that later on down the road, so I’ll be patient waiting until that time. I’m not in a hurry, and I certainly don’t want **** to feel rushed or whatever if she’s hurting over something I did. Either way, I hope the two of us get a chance to talk and work things out. Friendships are rare with people so unique and magnetic. Hopes Blog, hopes.

I hope everybody has a good weekend. I’m looking forward to an early start tomorrow, and some peace and quiet at my little fishing spot.