Last Weekend to Now

Since deciding I would strike a 10,000 step minimum everyday on Friday last week, I’ve dropped 7.8 lbs. I believe this is mostly just stored water, but still, it’s nice to see the scale go down by a pound or two every few days. The secret is much more exercise than calorie intake. I don’t eat very much at all, and work my ass off whenever possible. My goal is to hammer the shit out of all my stored fat when I’m anaerobic, which will become more efficient as my cardiovascular system revs up. I do love to press my foot to the metaphorical pedal when it comes to step related stuff. Back when I was competing with my cousin we were above 25,000 a day for 5 straight days. That was fucking awesome. I got down to 189lbs at that low (still had my lithium belly), and I’d like to go much lower than that. Seeing the pounds coming off is great motivation to keep pushing even if it is hard.

This morning I took the long way home, around the other side of the canal. I have a few places I’ve named out there: Distant Outpost, Sleepy Spot, Near Outpost. Sleepy spot was destroyed yesterday I imagine in the fierce winds that raged all afternoon. I found the bed like 400 miles away in the field. Bummer. Next time I walk that way I’ll take some pictures of these things, as totally unremarkable as they are. This is how I relate to my environment: as things become familiar, they are assigned a new identification that blends better with my reality filter. I mix things up. It’s not a homeless camp or a industrialized pipe opening. Those names suck balls ass.

I’m feeling pretty good about the days ahead. Hopefully I get some more time to loiter around the NAMI office and look useful and or cute. Ish. I also am going to poke about the IYOV program I mentioned earlier. I have such a remarkable story to tell, and one that could inspire a ot of people who may feel like they are being crushed under their illness. I hope I can bring that big jolt of hope, confidence or something useful to them. Looking good blog.