Ownerless Album

I was feeling very confident in my affection for my girlfriend earlier today, until she made it clear we were not on the same page and became my ex. I worked for a bit on compiling this sequence of songs to (ironically) brush over the feelings of despair associated with losing love, only to find it again later in the playlist.

Mournful, yes, was the appropriate tone-setter but not the end of the story. I still feel hopeful for my cause; my desire to be loved and to give love fully. My life is still moving forward. Sharing that with “A” was what I wanted to do, but I never really believed it or committed myself fully. I discussed the possibility of going my separate way many times in therapy but now to have it play out in reality is a whole different experience. I do miss what we had while it was good, and wonder about how it went astray.

I tried to be honest with my feeling in this playlist and effusive/voluminous would be good ways to describe my enduring affection. Breaks don’t just end feelings… they hang on in a painful remembrance which makes the acuteness of my album’s emotional story ring all the more true now that I sit here listening to it again. It aches where she is missing, but I know that won’t last forever.

I have no bridges to cross out of independence to companionship… and maybe it will be that way for a while.




Beer Bottles & Huggy Times

Length: 74 minutes

  1. Play The Game – Queen
  2. If I Can’t Have You – Yvonne Elliman
  3. Just Like Heaven – The Cure
  4. Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down) – Tears For Fears
  5. Just A Song Before I Go – Crosby, Stills & Nash
  6. Spiderwebs – No Doubt
  7. Radio/Video – System Of A Down
  8. Drunk Sincerity – Bad Religion
  9. Beds Are Burning – Midnight Oil
  10. Let’s Go – The Cars
  11. Diamond Girl – Seals & Crofts
  12. Saturday In The Park – Chicago
  13. Don’t Get Me Wrong – The Pretenders
  14. Escapade – Janet Jackson
  15. Just One Look – Linda Ronstadt
  16. Baby I’m-A Want You – Bread
  17. Biggest Part Of Me – Ambrosia
  18. I Want You So Bad – Heart
  19. The One – Elton John


It shakes the balance of days,

A strained pluck of the tightest string–

Her echoing chords ring like a dawn bell.

Flipped and perplexed…

In the upside-down world,

My hands on the aching boundary–

The sound of my cleaving breath,

To clear the air of spinning dust.

Concealed by oblivious affliction,

Striking loose the gems of fortune–

Given light from under the skeptic’s soot,

Radiant and accepting… wanting for me…

Her voice came to call.


Torpor of ambition,

An atrophy–

The flame of dead sinews,

Fume up the haze of bile.

When does it end?

The outer void of boiling death,

Frozen and gas-ripped flesh–

Breathless words silent,

Glass shattered through the black.

Tired of wanting–

A gasp in a choking cloud,

Flesh melting away while it burns,

Rendered to nothing but ash.

Bound In Whispers

It was the stark tension of ropes,

Screaming distress with thin threads–

Unbound, twisted madly, perilously.

As the gasps shorten–

The incessant gravity,

Holds as it only knows how.

What then if not free?

Do trees tell stories of their youth for the rocks to hear?

Does the pounding sea beg forgiveness of the shore?

I long to exude the song within–

Without taking something away.

Whispering one word at a time,

Where no expanse can prevail–

And no tide can soften into meaningless grains.

It is in the hiss of leaves,

The breaking of day,

That I know.

The Walk Awakeneing

Splashed by drops of infrequent rain,

A tune once known now sung again–

The shards that glimmer in her eyes,

Like a choir of voices suddenly alive.

Something there that had been lost,

Dust and scars made known the cost.

Afraid to cross these churning seas–

Who crest and roil continually,

Staring at stars and holding back tears,

Cast adrift for all these years.

To find a place of common ground–

A kindred soul at last is found.

Each brick laid down with true intent,

By curving arch by span is bent–

Making the clasp in equal part,

Foundations sound right from the start.

A path that’s wide but still unclear,

Surrounded by encroaching fear.

The lantern casts the light I need,

For in her eyes I’m finally freed.

The Death Of Night Guy & Other Changes (Mood Album)

Admittedly, Night Guy was a response to a changing circumstance and search for companionship outside of the traditional paradigm. While he was a fun and exciting fellow, he was not sustainable. I have sen now that some contortion is good, but too much compromises integrity.

This album centers its themes on the insanity, bizarre and inexplicably unique way I manifest my persona in this otherwise tranquil world. The motifs include hasty sex, strange comparisons, odd quirks, depression, fanaticism and balance (eventually).

I feel like this very-closely parallels my current mood and temperament. Have at with the exposition!

Mood Album: Spunk-Rocket Poof Station
Length: 75 minutes

  1. Gemini Dream – The Moody Blues
  2. Paparazzi – Lady Gaga
  3. Wild Sex (In The Working Class)
  4. Something About You – Boston
  5. Beds Are Burning – Midnight Oil
  6. Whiskey In The Jar – Metallica
  7. Spiderwebs – No Doubt
  8. Listen Like Thieves – INXS
  9. Cold As Ice – Foreigner
  10. Living Dead Girl – Rob Zombie
  11. Asleep The Snow Came Flying – Tim Story
  12. Broken Wings – Mr. Mister
  13. Turn To Stone – Electric Light Orchestra
  14. Harden My Heart – Quatrerflash
  15. Praying For Time – George Michael
  16. In Between Days – The Cure
  17. South City Midnight Lady – The Doobie Brothers
  18. Back On The Chain Gang – The Pretenders


Night Guy Does A Mood Album

Hey Blog, Night Guy here.

This other guy is a kook pretty much now that I’m going over all these notes and things left behind. Anyway, this music medium is how the previous administration tried to convey or interpret a state of being or emotional narrative for processing and comprehension. I’m not as much in to all the fluffy shit that goes along with this activity, but I guess I can scrutinize what has already been made available for me to cast judgement upon. See this album as a prognosis for the former occupant, and an indicator of the turbulent future he carved out for himself. This album is, basically, how it is; sad, stark and laid out there for all to see. Please don’t send me mail about the deeds of the prior administration, it will all get forwarded to the daytime guy.. or whoever he was. He may have fled the country.


So after listing to it a couple of times, it just wasn’t Night Guyish enough. I spruced this bad boy up with some silly putty and electric shocks. Enjoy!

Mood Album: Emo-Slave Resurrection v. 2 (Night Guy Edition)

Length: 77 Minutes

  1. For Your Love – Fleetwood Mac
  2. More Than A Woman – Bee Gees
  3. Chains Of Love – Erasure
  4. Ventura Highway – America
  5. Rikki Don’t Lose That Number – Steely Dan
  6. The Other Side Of Life – The Moody Blues
  7. Don’t You Know What The Night Can Do? – Steve Winwood
  8. Feels So Good – Chuck Mangione
  9. The Night Owls – Little River Band
  10. You Don’t Have To Cry – Crosby, Stills & Nash
  11. Owner Of A Lonely Heart – Yes
  12. The Heart Of The Matter – Don Henley
  13. Cowboys & Angels – George Michael
  14. Nothingman – Pearl Jam
  15. Because The Night – 10,000 Maniacs
  16. Conviction Of The Heart – Kenny Loggins

Mood Album v. 3

In light of recent turbulence in my world, I’ve tried keeping a better feel on the introspective pulse of regular function. I’m also aware that I’m subjecting myself to an unusually high level of stress and stimuli in an effort to combat creeping depression. I see all the elements like a confluence of rivers forming a mighty torrent… somehow sweeping my brain away downstream or buried in silt. Nevertheless, I still pry open the inner vault of the self and try to understand things happening to and from it. I feel I’m better at some things I used to be terrible at, but still lacking in quite a few areas. What are my true motivations for my actions? Why do I open myself to every nice person that walks by? Why am I such an insatiable prick? What does being understood feel like?

I sit here in my snowman jammies and wonder if expression really helps, or if it just provides a forum for things to garner attention for a time? I think the more ways I can ventilate this shit-smelling barn the better. Activities like the Mood Albums I do are helpful because they give me the chance to craft a narrative in a medium not often used. I don’t think myself anything other than expressive, curious and expositional about my own feelings and path forward. So as of the last album when I was feeling a fair bit gooier than I am now, I needed to revisit my good friend pain, loneliness and rekindle an ongoing desire to see things change.

Tracks from the previous Mood Album: Spatulas & Bandaids are highlighted in yellow. I have pulled from other wishy-washy type albums as well that have been generated in the past. I didn’t go “all in” on the squish, mind you, but it’s there. As you can see, there has been some pretty severe turnover in the track-list. I have listed the previous two iterations below so the whole three-album progression can be seen clear.

Mood Album (v. 3): Splattercake Conjunctivitis

Length: 74 minutes

  1. Mad World – Tears for Fears
  2. If This Is It – Huey Lewis & The News
  3. Walking On Broken Glass – Annie Lennox
  4. Don’t Do Me Like That – Tom Petty & The Heartbrakers
  5. Pamela – Toto
  6. Walk Away – Joe Walsh
  7. I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You – The Alan Parsons Project
  8. The Voice – The Moody Blues
  9. Move On – George Michael
  10. Back In Black – AC/DC
  11. Falling Away From Me – Korn
  12. (SIC) – Slipknot
  13. Waves – Blondfire
  14. Straight To My Heart – Sting
  15. All Over You – Live
  16. Let’s Go
  17. Don’t Get Me Wrong – The Pretenders
  18. More Than Words – Extreme

Mood Album (v. 2): Spatulas & Bandaids

Length: 73 minutes

  1. Mad World – Tears For Fears
  2. Once – Pearl Jam
  3. Animal – Def Leppard
  4. All Over You – Live
  5. In Thee – Blue Öyster Cult
  6. No One Like You – Scorpions
  7. Mr. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra
  8. The Voice – The Moody Blues
  9. One Thing Leads To Another – The Fixx
  10. Heartbeat CIty – The Cars
  11. Fragile – Sting
  12. Help Is On Its Way – Little River Band
  13. Don’t Get Me Wrong – The Pretenders
  14. The Promise – When In Rome
  15. Best Of My Love – Eagles
  16. Baby, Come To Me – Patti Austin & James Ingram
  17. King Of Pain – The Police
  18. Move On – George Michael

Mood Album (v. 1): Deflatacated Marshmallow

Length: 77 Minutes

  1. Fastlove – Gerorge Michael
  2. Beds Are Burning – Midnight Oil
  3. Mr. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra
  4. Once – Pearl Jam
  5. Animal – Def Leppard
  6. All Over You – Live
  7. Heartbeat City – The Cars
  8. Broken Wings – Mr. Mister
  9. Fragile – Sting
  10. Don’t Get Me Wrong – The Pretenders
  11. The Promise – When In Rome
  12. Because The Night – 10,000 Maniacs
  13. Somebody To Love – Queen
  14. Feels So Good – Chuck Mangione
  15. Baby, Come To Me – Patti Austin & James Ingram
  16. What You Won’t Do For Love – Bobby Caldwell
  17. Harden My Heart – Quarterflash
  18. King Of Pain – The Police

Ballad of Knowing

Hands that touch,

But don’t yet clasp,

I hope for much,

But will it last?

Patience proves,

A worthy foe,

With little moves,

I strive to know.

In such a rush,

To find the end,

With growing trust,

New words must mend.

Struggle to say,

Fear to break,

The game we play,

Has much at stake.

Forward now,

I’ll find my way,

Proclaim aloud,

“With you I’ll stay.”


It’s not the wanting–

Like fragments tumble in sparks,

Furiously scatter-lit,

Fill the blackened chamber.

Restrain old whispers–

Haunted hallway-dusted,

Once-clawed firmament.

Between the shutter-slats,

Begging at freedom,

Boldness awaits.

The Barrier Dream

A hammering smack the window glass,

The bitter, howling, grey morass,

Transparently the pounding rain–

Flailing madly in disdain.

The view from through the sealed gate,

A contrast by which to acclimate,

Ensnared in comfort’s clinging grip–

With a steaming cup of tea to sip.

Staring out at fury and storm,

Curiously watching while safe and warm,

The moment when I want her here,

A pathway forward not yet clear,

To hold in dreams until a promised time,

When her touch and grace will yet be mine.


Twins of twilight–

Pixie-blink a flicker,

The grounded stars dance,

Hands catching–

Their fires alive.

Back across the stretching sky,

Racing alone to a distant–

Faded horizon.

Dust falls to ash,

Dimming until dark again.


A sinew;

Twisting, stretch-snapping the expanse,

Shredded down to an impossible wire.

But feeling it there–

Some thread still binding,

In unrequited twitterpation,

Escaping the fury of torment,

Yet yanking at the throat–

Scraping the hole left by death.

It’s only in dreaming–

That some bridge still exists,

A span still endures,

Where she can still be found.


Streak burning green across the stars,

Puffy warm breaths at Jupiter and Mars,

Frozen cheeks stare in awestruck wonderment,

At surprises revealed by atmospheric turbulence,

Holding hands tight beneath the warm blankets,

Sky polished and bright for the great royal banquet,

Beneath the black cloak eyes ache for sleep,

For this fanciful dream he will always keep.


Some ridges–

Blunted by time’s decay,

Fractured rivulets across the plain,

Cavernous, engulfing.

Sometimes brushed or bruised–

Maimed and tarnished by use,

Stained, scarred–

Two canvases.

Alight a feather’s grace,

Delicate fingers unfurl,

Blessed the slightest droplet of dew,

Corralled briefly,

Unchanneled and free–

A transient of history engrained.


Sunk-shaft in throat-deep brown,

Residual, pungent excrement of time,

Aspirate viscous words,

Review abhorrent scenes–

Snarled in knotted forever nevers,

Plopped firmly in the mud of then.

The stink of hate–

Long permeated through cracked windows–

Careless doorseams,

The dank, mildew-wet scent–

Of irreconcilability.


Creaky hollowed and bone-dry,

Brittle stuck to twisted agonies,

Piling through the seasons–

Combustibly warped in crisped gapes.

Scowling shift hisses an unloading–

Cast of up leaves and old tinder,

Snicker-snapped with a snarly pop.

Bored moments and crumpled memories,

Transformed in a rush–

To pillowy piles,

Refined, but still–

Nourishing roots.


Inchly skyward–

Pressing a cool curve,

Bonded, rooted–

Stacked against the endless yearn.

Held up enmantled,

Like arms-high & unwavering,

Clutching the keystone as one.

Unflexing in time,

Bastion against torment–

Dry place to rest,

Sunrise to sunset.


Combine : Collide

Circumstance accelerated–

Separately decorated rooms,

Their unions indelicate as colliding trains–


Strewn about empty vessels & toppled statuettes,

Angrily flashing lights abound–

Combining colored blotches,

Finding a door hidden in the wall.

Yearning and curious posturing,

Catastrophic yet creative–

Electric when touched,

Running between tall shadows,

Impaled by ruin–

Judged by amalgamation.

Sliding by rust-hooked fragments–

Skewered with twisted iron brambles,

Blood-stained and snarled gloves.

Spiderwebbed glass,

Aching unknowns–

Stresses of anxiety-driven thoughts,

Smearing like palm-clammy hands,

Begging to be inside.

Unable to breathe–

The rooms combining–



Smeared streak across glass–

Prune-like pulp chunk,

Blasted splat to barrier.

Vacantly gulping–


The other side.

Embossed in “la la” afterglow,

A faded twirly skirt no one wears,

In a vacant room–

11th floor–

A light was left on.

Spatula’d off the surface–

Plorped into a dustbin,

Mingling with the glops–

Deposits within firmament.


Writhing helplessly–

Interpreted by refluxing bile,

A forlorn victim of restraint,

Choked by the smothering–

Endless gnawing of memory rewritten,

Devoured in reimagined atrocities.

Supplementing the real,

An alternative to acceptance–

Presented like a sweet pastry,

Masking the unpalatable truth.

Changing the lie or flavor–

Pleasure wanes in rehearsal.

Sight shackled to what is,

An unforgiving reality–

Of pain, loneliness, yearning.

Many incinerated pieces–

Dustbin swept–

Belching presumed repugnance,

Dashed in form until particulate–

Forgotten but not gone,

Peering out from under a round stone–



Ghost-fingers cold–

That spine-shuddering touch,

Eyes scream out in unknowing fear.

Emptied of dreams; memories–

They fall into a dark chasm,

Forsaken, purged by lightning,


Again! Again!

Those hopes in trust–

Smeared into opaque nothingness,

Irrelevantly hoping–

Still met by a stranger,

Bereft of words,

Emotions swirling downstream.

Cast into the crucible of torment–

Straining against the surges that come.

Once proud foundations–

Crumbling decay into rot,

Detritus swept away by an outgoing tide.


Sounding pang of a hammer slam–

Wailing with the escaping anguish,

The cries fade in the clattering noise.

Hollow echoes, desperate and resounding,

Hurt the stone walls with their shrieking scrapes–

Almost words, but more a feeling.

Banging on into the distance,


Hollow of remembrance,

Soaked in the flavors of now.

The drops peel off corners,

Plated hard and unfractured.

Puddling to be dissolved,

Nothing but the soft hiss–

Of the silence underground.


Dusted with purpose,

Scars and tattered clothes,

Smudged stain streaks,

Eyes, charged.

Dedicated to forward,

Chalk-dry grip,

Push off up or out,

Vital fury burns,

Sheds to incinerate.

Cleansing water,

Circling the departure,

New banner unmuted,

Wrought of scars–

Clear in color.


Snagged in snarling brambles,

Razor wiring flesh from bone.

Shrieking, wrenching spasm–

Grasping the air of next.

Sinewy-thread wounds,

Flesh disembarked in decay,

Bear roots in the firmament.

Trickling drip-increments,

Boom peeled with knowing,

Spiraling sunward slowly.

Embroiled in shredded selves,

Grown-toes in fetid murk,

Apparent in leaves, unfurling,

Soak the hours waning.

Goodbye’s Hello


Magnetic sunrise,

Purples shining in reds,

Twisted sinews in roasted heat,

Delicate wet petals,

Fragrant mystery,

Deluded in flavor,

Fueled in hate.

Blasted bits scatter.


Green canopies over,

Soft inviting eyes,

House of dreams,

Sparkling nights.


Disturbed underneath,

Cancerous rot–

Melting surfaces,

Forged, bludgeoned, ruined.


Boundless joy–

Rising to days,

Adventures teeming–



Festering in disinterest,

Foiled by distance,

Dry pots,

Plagued roots,

No plant will grow.


Benign but present,

A foundation–

Cracked and listing,

Imperiled by slope,

Decline’s passenger–

Walking free,

Escaping the abyss.


Voices remind,

Burdens of reality–

Crushed to a deserved fate.


Within, an ember–

Glowing a feint promise,

A heat unextinguished,

Flared or dormant–

The fire remains.


Severed mooring–

Cast free on a drift,

Slacked touch ache,

Fading warmth fingered,

Slip the dust of her.

Currents steal futures–

Plied courseless,

Echo’s reply mocking.

Consuming cold stones,

Sinking, crushing,

Yellow to night,

Black horizon,


Ahead but still behind,

Water tips in–


Vanish beneath,

Gulped, unnoticed.



Just beyond fingers,


Up to a sky gone down,

Wide-eyed with the impending–

Choking moments,

Being the hopeless last.

Suffering in gulping–

Swallowing breaths,

Engorged in death,

Drifting further–

Diminishing reaches,

Savior unknown.

Impacting rest,

Squeezed of chance–


To be slowly devoured,

As nothing remains.


Paths for fingers,

Delicate raindrops,

Sparking light–

Electric warmly,

Whispered, present.


Branched to new leaves,


Bridgeless gap–

Words windedly gone,

Rattling down dark.



Purposeful void,

Rowed cages,




Bell of dawn,

A soulless east,

Roil the dust,

Ashed facelessly–


For parched lips.


Dawn to feel,

Some distant–

Dusty shelf.


Just strings.

Temple in ruin,

Dashed columns–

Memories collapse.

Bound to distant orbits,

Inescapably calling,


Feeling the strain,

From somewhere far.


Dancing, alive–

Inviting fate to speak.


Past, future, present.



Snarly hues,

Grumbling recesses–

Fetid in the dark,

Deep grip–

Dug in roots,

Creeped in moss,

Stagnant, rotting.

A change of wind–

Dust of blooms,

Enticing ribbons flail,

Winding bright–

A chance of taste,

Distant, remaining.


The old color young,

On yellow days.


Passed through strands,


Sparkling with delight,

Her smile–

Thick honey sweet.

Broken columns,


Razed in ruin,

Ash on her lips.

Promises fleeting,

Born of absolution,

Skying towards sunrise–

Breathe new air,

The dawn has come.

Trouble Me – 10,000 Maniacs

Trouble me–
Disturb me with all your cares,
And you worries.
Trouble me–
On the days when you feel spent.
Why let your shoulders bend,
Underneath this burden when my back is sturdy and strong?
Trouble me.
Speak to me–
Don’t mislead me, the calm I feel means a storm is swelling;
Speak to me–
There’s no telling where it starts or how it ends.
Speak to me–
Why are you building this thick brick wall,
To defend me?
Speak to me–
When your silence is my greatest fear?
Why let your shoulders bend
Underneath this burden when my back is sturdy and strong?
Speak to me.
Let me–
Have a look inside these eyes,
While I’m learning.
Let me–
Please don’t hide them,
Just because of tears.
Let me–
Send you off to sleep with a “There, there, now stop your turning and tossing.”
Let me–
Let me know where the hurt is and how to heal.
Spare me?
Don’t spare me anything troubling.
Trouble me–
Disturb me with all your cares and you worries.
Speak to me–
Let our words build a shelter from the storm.
Let me–
And lastly,
Let me know what I can mend.
There’s more, honestly,
Than my sweet friend, you can see.
Trust is what I’m offering…
If you trouble me.

6:27 pm


Like burdened strings,

Holding the line to clarity,

Ruminating on many doors,

Long hallways,

Fading to dark.

Piled like ash,

Scraping out for relevance.

While clandestinely guided,

Honing on a fate,

Hoping in peace–

Perhaps already lost.

A spiraling state–

Blurred in possibilities,

Shattered woes–

Held apart by joy.

Coming back–

Walking in the door,

Home has always been.


Sliver-possible light,

Through narrow glimpses,


Baited breath-stealing–

Walker of tiptoe mysteries.

Traces in the dust,

Fathomed through pages,

Implored for more–

But left vacant at the gate.

A mouthful of yearning,

Eclipsed by walls–

Left agape at the possibilities,

Watching the light disappear.


Dewed limbs leafily,

Kissed in golds–

And radiant green pools,

Thumped pops on drum logs–

Tiny feet pitter-patter,

Joyous at the dawn.

Fringes curled,


Dried for the day ahead–

And turned west in the breeze.

whispered, dusty music–

Of summer’s song.


A captivating embrace,

Sheltered from the placid sun–

Flush, deep and rich with whispers.

Channeled narrowly through columns,

Spoken openly in greens–

Abiding, soaked in history,

Colonized and conquered,

In constant motion, yet, unchanged.

Hands, dance in the wind,

Itchy fingers reach out–

Canopy of possibilities,

Stretched out along the path home.

Something She Lost

An Abstract Prose Narrative

Back in the days full of sun, dreams merged like clouds blowing in the wind. Dancing light and fingers touching the tall grass the days were by. Holding breath in the kiss of tangerine love.

Opening up a bounteous bloom of cosmic preponderance and entrenched in unique beauty. Hinges, wings and cryptic messages sparked a deep fascination. Could such a world blend with my own? Maybe a merging of these twisted dimensions may yield a beautiful offspring? The investigation within the cave of the eye began. Tumbling down the hole seemed a drunken escapade so delightful, wanted, yearned for. Always.

So to do sunsets yield to night, a time and a time went by. Stale air and old closets were hiding. Shriveled up socks and neglected piles of things.

Threads cobwebbery enmeshed and ensnared. Thorns dug in deep. Hatred like raging lava buried the what had been in incendiary death.

What then at this brink? Her last words were of a lost piece of the personal past. Her bloom, in a book, in text where her secrets had been hidden. The unfurling of her thought, ripped to pieces by division, scattering her from her anchor. The fissure had grown vast and deep. Her words echoed into the chasm, unreconciled.

Long since the sun shown so, my hands found her dreams once more. Symbols, language and such an imagination. It was all here again, unearthed by the expansion of time. Scrawled in her adorable ink, all that she was missed was remembered. Kiss, laugh and dream.

Now, to feel her dust on my fingers, such a sigh. This one sad little ember of it is all that remains. Kicked me into the ditch and left me to blame, while peasant heart still aches. All little sounds and sniffs forgotten.

Such is the death of things, and the rocket propelled moments when fireworks are right there and everything is back. Over and done, but never forgotten. The book returns to oblivion from whence it had come.


Silhouetted in red sunset,

The dance of electric air.

Thin fingers softly,

Caress of her deep eyes,

The shattered, whispered smile.

Vagrant delight like tower bells–

Held in memory.

Too alive to be real,

Lost like a shout into a gale. 

Faded memory is all but gone. 

Dreams forgotten by the light of dawn. 



Tenderly through damp hair,

Along the soft curve of her neck–

Lost in deep pools of blue.

Somewhere in that moment–

When in union,

Entwined in the act,

Eyes that drive into the soul–

Laid bare and exposed,

Dripping and moving,

Two worlds become one.

The wells of her beauty,

Captivated in her many places,

Those precious seconds,

Given gladly in adoration.



Empty chalice,

The deep echo of aching halls–

A splintering rupture,

Cast down like waste into the gravel. 

Back down the slope,

A progression of failure.

Spun by chances–

Deeper into the darkness. 

Only a shadow–

Gone when the light is shown. 

The lost promise–

Whispered over dry lips,

Was never there at all. 


Cold walls wet with dew,

A long darkness that stretches out–

Hesitant to take a step,

Mired in uncertainty and fear. 
The shadow of gloom,

Hanging heavy like a rain cloud,

Sinking in like a fanged wind–

Tearing down the center of warmth,

Pushing in until the fire is out. 
The emptiness aches,

Disappearing into the deep nothing–

Throttling passion,

A vase of roses hits the floor and shatters–

Only fragments remain if what had been. 
Another promise unfulfilled, 

Winding deep into the black,

Where no light can touch. 


Smashed on a white-hot-press,

Busted bean endures the stress,

Tempered in a twirling fray, 

Beat to dust, but not gone away. 

Poured over a blistering blaze, 
Mixed, churned in a blurry daze. 

Steaming up with coiled heat,

Waiting to steep–a morning treat. 

Liquid rich and pouring down, 
The goblet rich with brewed renown,

Who’s bite and sigh is worth the wait, 

Old is the cause to anticipate,

Every moment a new delight,

But it might just keep you up all night. 



Warm as sunlit skin,

Radiating from within. 

From the quiet space of suspicion,

A lingering cold–

Born of loss, pain. 

These uncovered briefly,

To reminisce and become lost. 

The dread of empty days,

Shattered hands grasp,

Deep in the well of what could be. 

Forget the world without yellow.  

Waking in the morning, 

Feeling her there,

The shadows fade. 


A cold wind moves,

Painfully scraping cheeks,

Crisping dead leaves,

Shadows along the horizon,

Near the chill of days. 

Radiance gone, 

Diminished in the twilight,

Pale blotted clouds,

Gusts that tear through with icy fangs,


Bleeding out into the night,

Standing starkly against,

Stone bricks freeze,

In the change of season. 


Shards of a dream,

Old and sunk in the flesh–

Grinding up against now. 

Spun like a twisted rope,

Held tension from unforgotten anguish,

Choked down in regret, 

A future lost of its color. 
Brought to the sun–

Open memories greet the rain. 

From underneath, light creeps to the edges,

Softly, it returns. 
A new day comes,

Eyes open or closed. 

No One Like You – Scorpions 

Girl, it’s been a long time that we’ve been apart,

Much too long for a man that needs love,

I’ve missed you since I’ve been away, 

Oh babe, wasn’t easy to leave you alone, 

It gets harder each time that I go,

If I had a choice, I would stay,

There’s no one like you,

I can’t wait for the nights with you, 

I imagine the things we do,

I just want to be loved by you,

No one like you,

I can’t wait for the nights with you, 

I imagine the things we do,

I just want to be loved, by you. 

Girl, there are really no words strong enough,

To describe all my longing for love,

I don’t want my feelings restrained,

Oh babe, now I need you like never before,

Just imagine you’d come through this door, 

And take all my sorrows away,

There’s no one like you,

I can’t wait for the nights with you,

I imagine the things we do,

I just want to be loved by you,

No one like you,

I can’t wait for the nights with you,

I imagine the things we do,

I just want to be loved by you. 

Straight To My Heart – Sting

In a hundred years from now

They will attempt to tell us how

The scientific means to bliss

Will supersede the human kiss

A subatomic chain

Will maybe galvanize your brain

And a biochemic trance

Will eliminate romance

Why ever should we care?

When there are arrows in the air

Formed by lover’s ancient art

That fly straight to my heart,

A future sugar-coated pill

Will give our lovers time to kill

I think they’re working far too much

For the redundancy of touch

What will make me yours

Are a million deadly spores

Formed by lover’s ancient art

That fly straight to my heart

Come in to my door

Be the light in my life

Come in to my door

Never have to sweep the floor

Come in to my door

Be the light in my life

Come in to my door

Come and be my wife

I’ll be true

To no one but you

If it’s a future world we fear

We have tomorrow’s seeds right here

You can hold them in your hand 

Or let them fall into the sand

If our love is pure

The only thing of which we’re sure

Is that you can play your part

And fly straight to my heart

If I’m to seek immunity

And love you with impunity

Then the only thing to do

Is for me to pledge myself to you

Only dealt one card

So for me it is not hard

Your the bright star in my chart

You go straight to my heart

Breathing Through Leaves

Her provocative smile–
The dandelion whisper of words,
Touching checks gracefully,
Rendering their feathered kisses,
Coasting on air filled with reasons.

The bloom of a flower,
Sing of honey lips,
A splash of cool rainwater,
Deep and empowered by eyes,
Fresh fragrances beguile,
The dry softness of her hair.
Tapped deep in the earth,
Her ground is truth.

All about are the footprints of thought,
Ever-reaching for fragments,
Bound to the chase in learning,
Down like a west sun over the sea,
Eternal as the fire at midnight,
Her mysteries unfolding–
Patiently the petals extend,
Gather up the promise of tomorrow.

Let it be pure–
The fresh sod of understanding,
Take hold and drink.
A time has come for the day.


Rapture of night,
Hues bent and pale,
Sullen as the arctic sea,
Crisp snap of white fire.

Skirts caught in the wind,
The promise of hands–
And forgotten regret,
Shadows under the stars,
A distant whisper.

Run ragged in passion,
Exploratory fingers,
A taste of soft seams,
Subtle to yearn,
Desperate for release,
The clutch of together.

Child of moonlight,
A story in her eyes,
Wear the hat of chance,
Ever embraced,
The search is over.


Windblown thickets
The surreal golden hue
Radiant eyes piercing
Tattered garments
Crisp slicing cry
Lining up like splines
Kicking the rampant
In a daze of autumn
Stumbling over fascination
Tossing and curling delicates
Batting eyelashes
Cool blue reason
Air of promise
Redeeming in reality
Blood pumping
Sweat pouring
Caught up in knots
Splintered to strain
Destined for touch
The kiss of fire
Warm hands folding
Walking over bridges
As the sun sets

Churning Heart

Shattered by the dawn,
Dancing fire of first light,
Stumbling into the world,
Pinched by reality–
Of sober cold tomorrows,
Encounter with fantasy,
The redundant heartache,
Hours become days,
Crushed under regret.

A dance by moonlight,
Green eyes that shine,
Hands clutching close,
Turn and together,
Awoken, vanished–
Her fragrance still wearing him,
Palm heat fading,
The moment recedes.

Hearts with wings,
Held back in cages barred,
The taste of sky–
Days become years,
The yearning goes silent,
A key neglectfully lost.

Rushing into the void–
Left by the sickness of want,
Churning deep chests,
Flutter to be bound,
Whispered kisses,
Tears, sighs–
The brutal seconds peeling,
Destined to despair,
The wish of remembering–
A starlit love undone.


Crestfallen daze
The gamble of promise
Trust in contempt
Bothered by sorrow–
Deep turning blade
Transition into silence
Apart from reason
A bastion burns–
In the night

Simple in remorse
The beguiling word
A shadow passes
Cold hollow air
Squeezing the breath
Closed and constricted
Gasp for tomorrow
Poised to fall

Downward course
Away from the sunrise
Dropped the power
Sacred the broken chalice
Scattered like memories
Abandoned to dust
Wearing the shroud–
Of sadness

On Sadness

Shining brilliance of sunrise,
Aptly aware in oranges,
Cuts through the thin air,
Stirring the cold of night.

Indifferent are the clouds,
As they melt away into nothing,
Knowing they will be back again,
Displaced but not forgotten.

A cycle repeated,
Familiar to the senses,
Unchallenged in occurrence,
Forever bound to duty,
Unbroken in the groove of ages.

No matter how scattered the old dream,
And despite the history of storms,
There will be an end to the darkness,
The promise of a new day,
Even if veiled,
Somewhere, the light is pure.

Caught in glimpses,
Rescued by certainty,
The dawn is coming.

Agony Alone

Footsteps by moonlight,
Eyes wide, taking in the night,
The wetness of rounded stones,
A bitter tear drying on soft cheeks.
Crumbling hills of shale,
Tired and groaning in the wind,
Whispering secrets in dust,
Shifting in the wake of time.
Desperate leaves on trees, barren,
The soot of life on the floor of the Earth,
Bare limbs reaching for a fading sun,
Cold winter sealed with a kiss.
The way summer fades and is gone,
Seasons of rain and storm,
Buried beneath the peat and muck,
A memory fades into nothing,
Dissolving into the endless dream of death.
The fire rages on somewhere distant,
In the burning violence of lust,
Leaving cinders, destroying, moving on.
The hollow space filled with empty promises,
Carried off in the breath of forgetting.


The thunder of waves,
Gnashing cold black stones,
Churning a violent hiss,
The ceaseless tumult.

Desperation like lifeboats,
At the mercy of currents,
Lips cracked and dry–
Pining for foundation.
Rocking in the swell,
Inching closer to the fangs of the sea.

Heartsick and lost in the spray,
The journey at its end,
Met by violence–
Rendered to driftwood by circumstance,
Nothing left but surrender,
Lost, sinking, gone
Crushed under the pressure,
Without breath–
The pounding fury takes another down,
A cold, forgotten grave.

Wilted Are The Forgotten

Through the unending dark,
A fire of discord consumes.
Wasted in dying romance,
Tossed aside like crumpled newspapers,
Tattered by the ceaseless gale,
Then nothing remains.

The strain of trial,
Too great a burden for assumed love,
An ember gone cold,
Masked by the soot of differences.
Two unequal parts,
Jarred free of dependence–
Wary of trauma yet revealed.
A test failed,
The ache deep and sorrowful.

Standing amidst despair,
The tired sunset beneath cold clouds,
A hollow rush of air,
Bringing down the walls of memory,
Reduced and broken,
Sad in the shadow of longing,
Bound but not forgotten,
Eclipsed by reason,
Drying out in the open,
Again, in measured steps.

Cry For You

Streaks of rain on the window,
Soft and quiet like the wind at night,
The ember that glows in the dark,
Choking on ash and dust,
Familiarity ripped apart and down,
The shadow of touch,
What was will never be again.

Pines in the clear blue air,
Treading lightly on sacred ground,
The hills lit up in sunset reds,
Beckoning the twilight gasp,
Forgotten promises,
Abandoned words without homes,
Snapping like twigs underfoot.

A piercing howl at the moon,
Fools stay in the past, mourning,
The sun rises yellow and bold,
Sand and stones,
Days and years, going by.


Yearning abides the fevered ache
What cheating hands so often take
Like a blister from the burning sun
A man who’s will has come undone
Not gambling away the common play
But in simplicity he chose to stay
Then lost in sadness and turning blue
The lies he was convinced were true
Abandoned, alone and ever-felt
On the doorstep of pain he often knelt
Those shattered dreams are blown away
Time will bring yet another day
Memories burn like newborn fire
The person he’s been he can’t admire
But change is driving his movement on
The path he walks yet to be drawn
Alone he stands with much support
With friends and others of that sort
Hear their words ring loud and true
That they do love the things you do
And carry on this noble charge
Your self esteem will so enlarge
Beating back the pain of the day
Of times in which you went astray
Fear not the future coming true
No one stands between it and you
Little tasks you will complete
Until your cup is quite replete
Shadows erased by blinding light
The torch will cut the fear of night
Hold fast and true and you will see
The man you always hoped you’d be


Spinning fingers fly
The canvas of unfurling time
Who’s artistic touch–
Bends the world, breaking
A sickness, run deep in the mind
Uncured by lies
Regarded yet despised
The shadow of her past still lingers
Progress stopped in hate
Hours, days dwelling
Incumbent of pain
A moment is passing slowly
Haste, lost its way
Pages, falling scrambled
Words crumbling
Memories burn in the din
Simple seconds go by
The chapter being done.

Promised a new sunrise
Saying goodbye to unforgiving night
Transition beckoning
A day, a lifetime of regret–
Pressing the iron of years
Futilely struggling
Passively prevailing
Another way is chosen
And on it goes


Shameless corners dust and dirt,
Parched ever in the wilting sun,
Made brave in the blasting heat,
Long shadows come undone.
Whispering in the stale air,
Their cries of want and endless thirst,
A mellow red sunset long,
The clash of color due to burst.
Reckless, cringing scrape of night,
The heat of day did not belong,
When eyes are groping for the light,
And crickets make their special song.
Arise again the break of dawn,
Emboldened, clutching hand-in-hand,
Another pale promise gone,
Buried deep beneath the sand.


Shivers down the bone-spine,
The wet hiss of rain.
Skin pulled like a drum,
Cracking under the sum.

Amidst the shadows, long
Whispered moments–
Eaten by time.
Pale light of the dawn,
Cold alleys and wasted days,
Churning in the innards,
Split in two by thunder.
Driven like a bent nail–
Contorted wrong,
About the mystery of chance,
The shouting cries of pain,
A heart thumping deep,
Scraped by trapped hands–
Put between like bricks,
Separated forever.

Making lies dripping sweet,
Stung in the gasp of terror,
Expelled by thieves,
Shattered mirror.
A face without a name,
Quiet sadness,
Abhorrent in memory,
The pale rumor lingers,
Strumming like fingers,
On the edge, not looking back
Falling swiftly into nothing.

Left Wanting

Hiss the hot, red words–

Burning the motives from action,

A gavel sounding the silence,

Mandated from the sender,

The message is lost entirely,

But in the twilight of excuses,

The maddening hours pass unresolved,

A lie told for a lie,

Corked and cast away on the sea of concern,

An outrage totally unheard.

But truth abides–

In the house of caution,

Belittled by the construct,

But aware of himself alone,

The daunting struggle of days,

Alone, content.

Proprietor of destiny,

Turns the eye of sorrow,

Back to peace.



Tantrum bold
Always cold
Sighing sleep
The two should meet
Awakened eyes
Told only lies
Behind the fray
She wouldn’t stay
Alone again
Lost a friend
Seconds tick
Brick by brick
Stole away
Another day
Dashed his clout
Without a doubt
The rocks can tell
Just where he fell
Some secrets deep
Where hearts don’t beat
Away the rise
The sun despised
Blow me down
A distant town
Far from this
The end of bliss
Tomorrow comes
But I’m undone


Dipped in sallow hate
The swaddling, strewn reckless
Across the pin-tipped moment
Where blurred reasons ache
And tomorrow’s a tough swallow
Estranged like a beaten spouse,
Churned in the red
Begins a relapse of memory
Time and tide becoming
The veil is lifted by hours passing
Cooling in the night
Promised a better fate than this
But sinking nowhere
In forgotten dreams

Bubbled Up

Want of leaf
Strewn loose
While tender
Heartbeat empty
Paced feet
Wretched wear
Rote begat
Desperation’s turn
Under sunlight
Afloat, the truth
Stunning, told
Afternoon shadows
Began awry
The spun–
Yolk-blush beat
Fortified gratitude
Selfishly unaware
Handles turning
Seconds screaming
For deliverance


Snap up the sunlight,
Hollow in the wanting wood.
A clean shore break of reality,
Burdened with frustration,
Tied-down to routine–
Measured in long hours,
Spent up and crossed in thought,
A reckless hatred of daylight.
Abused and down,
How quickly the weeds grow.
Sitting in misery,
Void of empty desires,
The harrowing bell-chime–
Of the dark to follow.
Away with reason–
The time still burns.


Telling lies like truths,

Enshroud the gospel of reason,

In a fate with inevitable sadness.

Trying, breaking,

The way is shut like eyes.

Trembling down in weakness,

Made common by pain,

Undone futures wanting.

Shifting in the hot sand of time.

So passing hours,

Do dial and creep,

Losing the war to decay,

But softly.

A chance is random as whim,

With talented hours drifting,

In a lot with broken pieces,

Cast like bones on the floor.

Reading peace,

The tranquil lapse of folded emotions,

Contemplating a day full of sun.

Brokeburry Blues

Twisted hot right,
With deadpan memory–
The fractured stare,
Broken by many hands.
Past still haunting,
In her eyes, a ghost–
That lingers, shadow.
It’s reason that burns–
That which yearns.
Tender affections–
Blasted with splinters.
Oozing its last.
Shale, taken by time
Packed hard and tight–
In lost betrayal and
Forgotten sadness,
Who’s unforgiven burden,
Bears the weight
Of your dead.


Bored done bones
Stiff cooked wood shakes
Stripped marrow core
Blanched stark in horror
Shelved laments
Canvas painted a muted hue
Adult intentions–
Being mired in clothes
Twig snap a crisp
Shift a fallen pale leaf
Sun kissed moments
Soured with regret
She breaks like–
A deadly storm.
Harbors frothing
My whole word boils–
Her name.
Tangential wandering
Steeped and packed with mud
Chortle away
The day, the night
Tomorrow or forever
His eyes are that blue
Yesterday the sun
I’ll dance the moon


Broken rings
Falling into snowflakes
Driven by combustion
Ash alighting from distant fire
Take down the memories
Burned up in hate
Beguiled to lie and conceal
The ever blazing truth
Of loneliness after disaster
The parchment scraps of reason
Dueled by delinquency
Lost in plain sight
Forgotten by her lovers
Sad autumn trees lose their leaves
Carpets of regret
Turning the page of life
Without pause
The story goes on


Tried through trust
A stunted yearning
Piled up behind memories
Stinging tears tear down
Crisscrossed fingers
A together journey
Days, nights forever
Wilted by a wrathful heat
Nature being meek
Who’s running work ruined
A tale in sides
Wronged hurtfully
Hands don’t touch anymore
Soft and small
Stumbling over moments
Where the tides
Rush out to the deep


Shiny eyes , night
Steady heartbeats–
Taking flight.
Whim of wind,
Who’s cries did tire
All alone, dark
Huddled near the fire.
Return a way
The bleak drive–
Without mercy,
Turned over in the sea.
Dead to time
Thought of disparagingly.
Shallow pieces
Hunted by deep sharks,
Forgetting the future,
Betwixt the remarks.
Sunk in memories,
Chortling murderer…
Where are my pillow tears?
The world is tearing me apart.