*NEW* The Biohazard Boy Project

As I mark the end of 2017, I have started down a new career path in mental health. I have cast aside the burden of mechanized society, and embraced the need to help my peers. This new project will be about my direction, marked by the symbol posted on the site. The life and stigma contrast correctly illustrates the struggle all mentally ill people face as they plow through the world. We do what we can, and learn from our failures. This project will be about me taking my own experiences and helping those who do not know where to go or need someone to be with them. Whatever the role, I am fully committed to perusing hope and truth. In this project, I will establish my own sense of good mental health, help as many as I can achieve stability, and nourish a healthy environment to make my home.

Along with consistently taking my medication, I see that I am on a path towards improving functionality and better health. My family’s positive influence will keep me pointed in the right direction. At this stage in my life blog, I’m looking for meaning. Helping those who can’t help themselves calls to me as something I can do well. Time and practice will tell.