Time Capsule .doc

This page represents the single oldest chronologically updated document I posses. As is customary upon finding said document, I am obligated to make an entry.

Hi, I’m Westin Eric Bailey
Sometimes known as:

Scientist Guy
F.F.E.M (Funny Facial Expression Man)
(Many Mexican words for our tingly parts)
P. Catodon
M. Salmoides
Mr. W


Log entries:

5-7-98 (age 14)
Hi mom

3-1-99 (age 15)
It’s a new year. Life is kosher

5-9-1999 (age 15)
So far so good. I’m no longer a child

11-9-1999 (age 16)
Ignorant people suck. Life has new meaning, and new responsibilities. I am afraid.

4-6-2000 (age 16)
Holy fuck its been awhile! Hey, life is better UP HERE

12-20-00 (age 17)
Aware. Different. Illusive. Mellow. Alive. Responsible (laugh). Sober. Conscious. Inquisitive. Laughing at everyone, because I can.

10-08-2002 (age 18)
Um… haven’t really kept up on this thing. Don’t see much point. I didn’t even write something for 9-11. hmmmm. Ha, in ‘99 I thought I
was grown up; I’m still waiting for that to happen.

9-11-2004 (age 20)
Ironic place to make an entry. Well, life is a hell of a lot more complicated than I ever gave it credit for. I am evolving independently,
and ever curious about this place. Love is the newest flavor of living I’ve sampled. My god, too small a space here to describe how I feel. goodbye.

3-8-2008 (age 24)
Rebuilding takes time, certainly, and patience is the virtue enhanced by enduring the perils of an uncertain future. Let not expectation
condemn hope and uncertainty cloud ambition. Do what you can, with what you have, and cherish what you love. Hold on to the
sacred, it has no comprehensible value and once lost, is truly gone.

11-20-2012 (age 29)
I find the struggle and the endurance demonstrated through understanding the trials of living, has helped me develop the core of my identity. Consciousness has taken me through failure, and taught me compassion in order to rebuild when all hope is gone. My life is too valuable to surrender to neglect, despite its hardships. All experience is relative, so I control what I can and leave the rest of the experiment alone.

10-14-2014 (age 31)
I deleted a post from just after my second divorce. My opinions being somewhat biased. I have come from the ashes of my life, and been granted a new purpose: staying true to who I am. I have rebuilt what I destroyed, and have fully arrived in my success and independence. It took me 215 days from start to finish, but now I’m back, and eager to earn my keep in the wild world. Wish me luck!

12-7-17 (age 34)
I was stable for 4 years, and employed full time for +3. I have never been able to do that. Now my objective has changed, and I want to give back to those that have helped me in my life. I also want to find allies in peers who struggle with mental illness and help them reach stability. I will not labor for a corporation or serve anyone except those most in need. This world has taught me about cruelty, but also about justice. We all have a part to play in making the world we live in a better place and I will go forward with the hope in my heart that I can.

02-09-2020 (age 36)
You never know what new fucking thing is going to happen. Could be a blessing, or it could stab you in the thorax. Being pliable, useful and eager to spring into action is a better way to be than mired in the viscous murk of anxiety, worry and stress. I’m no Jedi yet, but working my way towards being a cool cucumber and a pointed marksman of responsibly applied vocabulary. Plus, life is short: stop fussing and hand me another beer please.

2 thoughts on “Time Capsule .doc

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  2. The header that reads “This page has no meaning whatsoever. Enjoy your life.” is the first thing that was ever written on the document. And it seems to contradict everything about this. I don’t quite understand what I was thinking when I first wrote it, but it’s legit, so I guess it has to stay. But how telling of my rapidly vacillating point of view.

    Post “4-6-2000 (age 16)” is referring to my marijuana use, which was daily at this interval.

    Post “10-08-2002 (age 18)” occurs one day before my birthday. Couldn’t I have waited just ONE MORE DAY so the number would roll over? It’s that kind of shit that bothers me, and somehow also just fucking proves what an honest fool I am.

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